While all insurance companies have slightly different ways of processing a claim there is a general guide all vehicles must follow to be repaired.


(Step 1) Repair Quotation – online or on site.

(Step 2) Insurance Inspection, Approval & Book-In

(Step 3) Parts Ordering and Back Orders

(Step 4) Parts order received and checked

(Step 5) Vehicle Dropped off been safe to drive

(Step 6) Body & Frame Work performed

(Step 7) Supplementary damage report and authorised if required.

(Step 8) Paint Work performed

(Step 9) Reassembly and Fit-up

(Step 10) Accident Related Mechanical Repairs

(Step 11) Buffing and Polishing of new Paint Work

(Step 12) Dealership Diagnostic Check and Rest of Warning Lights

(Step 13) Wash, Clean and Final Quality Inspection

(Step 14) Vehicle Collection


Please note some parts are not available within Western Australia and need to be sourced from the eastern states and sometimes even overseas. This can cause a delay in repairing your vehicle as all parts need to be present before repairs can start.


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