Here at T&R’s Prestige Accident Repairs we understand that finding the time to come in for a quote after a collision can be difficult. To help ease this time crunch we have developed the “Quote Request” online form. Please ensure that all the required information is filled out to allow us to provide you with as accurate a quote as possible.


Please note that an Online quote is based on an external inspection of damages from images and information provided by customer only. Further damage and additional costs may result from detailed onsite inspection of damage and upon dismantlement of vehicle.


  • The Vin Number is located in many places the easiest to find is on the chassis under the bonnet of the vehicle; the vehicle make, model and year made can also be found here.
  • Please provide at least 5 pictures detailing the whole car with damage in the centre, close up of damage, an alternate close up of damage and two side views of the damage on the vehicle. Please use natural sunlight as much as possible and don’t take the pictures too close as we need to see the entire damaged area.
    Drop files here or
  • Please provide a description of the damage and if applicable the accident. Please include any other notes you wish to inform us on or if there is private work you would like done as well.


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